Success Story: Houston Zoo Uses Sales Station for On-Site Donations and Sales at Saving Wildlife Expo

The Houston Zoo recently partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Network to host the Saving Wildlife Expo, an all-day conservation event at the Zoo. To support the Saving Wildlife Expo, the Zoo needed a solution for:

  • Online registration with different prices for Houston Zoo members and nonmembers
  • Asking for donations during registration to support one of the five endangered animal species discussed at the event
  • Collecting donations at the event
  • Selling merchandise at the event

Learn how the Houston Zoo simplified online and on-site registrations, donations and product sales with Doubleknot and the Sales Station app for iPads!

With Sales Station, admission-based nonprofits including zoos, museums, science centers,
nature centers and botanical gardens can sell tickets, update registrations and collect new
and outstanding payments anywhere. 


Webinar: Building Custom Registration Forms

Doubleknot’s custom registration forms deliver unparalleled flexibility in gathering information and assigning additional costs. Join us for an interactive webinar on Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific to learn more about this powerful feature! Topics will include:

  • Unique features of Doubleknot’s custom registration forms
  • Guidelines for effective design
  • Choosing the right items to collect the information you need
  • Adding optional costs
  • Conditional logic and page branching
  • How to thoroughly test your forms
  • Assigning forms to events, program sessions and facilities
  • Reviewing form data in reports

Building Custom Registration Forms

Thursday, June 30

Date: Thursday, June 30, 2016
Time: 2 PM Pacific / 11 AM Eastern

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New Summer Camp Reports for Group Signup Programs

We are pleased to release three new reports to help streamline summer camp management for group signup programs including scout camps:

  • All Session Events – Roster. For each session event/merit badge class in the selected session, this report displays the name of each registrant and information about their group.
  • All Session Events – Roster with Completion Requirements. For each session event/merit badge class in the selected session, this report displays the name of each registrant, group information and the course completion requirements assigned to the session event/merit badge class.
  • All Session Events By Group. This report displays each registrant’s session event/merit badge class schedule, organized by group/unit.

To display and print these reports, follow these steps in Event Management:

  1. In the Programs tab, click the program you’re working with. The Manage a Program page will be displayed.
  2. At the bottom of the panel, click the session for the reports you want to view. The Manage a Program Session page will be displayed.
  3. On the left, click Reports. The Program Session Reports page for the session will be displayed. The reports are located in the Attendance section.
  4. Click the report that contains the information you want to view. The report will be displayed.
  5. To create a printable PDF that contains a single page for each session event/merit badge class, click the printer icon at the top of the report and select HTML-Powered PDF.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

How Doubleknot Helps Nonprofits Facing the Overtime Final Rule

Nonprofits must check the clock constantly to comply with new Overtime Final Rule
Your nonprofit may have to start seriously watching the clock to comply with new overtime regulations.

In a blog post titled Known, Unknowns, and Options for Nonprofits on the Overtime Final Rule, the National Council of Nonprofits does an excellent job summing up the issues that nonprofits may face to ensure compliance. For example, whether your nonprofit is covered by the law depends on a number of variables about your organization’s activities, your revenues and the state or states in which you operate.

Despite the gray areas about how the law pertains to nonprofits, one thing is clear: nonprofits are challenged more than ever to reduce the amount of time-consuming administrative tasks so staff can focus on developing and delivering the core elements of your mission.

Doubleknot can help. Doubleknot integrates the administrative and customer-facing functions of ticketing and admissions, registration, reservations, memberships and fundraising into a single system that supports:

  • Online customers
  • Call-in customers and other back-office purchases
  • Retail sales, ticketing and admissions
  • Mobile sales and payments for everything you offer

Doubleknot stores all your information in a single unified database for analytics and reporting, and provides dozens of built-in standard reports as well as a full-featured custom report writer. As a result, it’s easy to share information among departments and generate reports that link previously-unconnected data (like whether families who register for camp also respond to donation appeals.)

Nonprofits that rely on Doubleknot spend less time manually managing administrative and information tasks and more time on what really matters: delivering your mission.

Call us at (408) 971-9120 x203 or write to learn how Doubleknot can help reduce the time your staff spends on administrative tasks.

(Almost) Everything Doubleknot Can Do (in about 75 seconds)

We’re very pleased to present our new “explainer” video, which covers the scope of Doubleknot’s solutions in a little over a minute. Click below to watch, and let us know what you think!