Why Generic Plug-In Credit Card Readers are a Poor Choice for Nonprofits

Your Nonprofit Isn’t Generic. Don’t Rely on a Generic Payment Solution!

Doubleknot Sales Station is the best mobile POS for nonprofits.

Using Square or a similar solution for collecting in-person credit card payments may seem like a good idea, but the truth is, generic solutions can cause very real problems:

  • You have to configure everything in two systems: one for online purchases and one for payments at your site.
  • Fees may be higher. Generic payment solutions can have less favorable terms than the ones you’ve already negotiated for your online sales.
  • Because payments are recorded in another database, you have to manually consolidate sales and registration information from different systems for accounting.
  • You can’t access purchases that a customer already made online, so you can’t update registrations or collect outstanding payments and have the information automatically updated in Doubleknot.

The Doubleknot Sales Station app for iPads is the only fully integrated mobile point-of-sale designed specifically for nonprofits. With Sales Station, you can sell merchandise, sign up new members, collect donations and book new registrations and reservations anywhere.

You can even look up an existing registration, update the information and collect outstanding payments on the spot. And because Sales Station is fully integrated with Doubleknot, every piece of information is automatically stored in the single, unified database.

Every Doubleknot subscription includes the use of Sales Station at no additional cost, so if you’re already a client, there’s no reason to delay. Let us know that you’re interested, and we’ll get you started right away.

If you’d like to learn how Doubleknot’s integrated online, on-site and mobile solutions for nonprofit ticketing, admissions, registrations, reservations, memberships and fundraising can help your organization,  please let us know!

(Almost) Everything Doubleknot Can Do (in about 75 seconds)

We’re very pleased to present our new “explainer” video, which covers the scope of Doubleknot’s solutions in a little over a minute. Click below to watch, and let us know what you think!

Great Article about Zoo/Museum Overnights!

Travel and Leisure shared a great article called 12 Museums and Zoos Where You Can Spend the Night, which describes some of the many overnight opportunities available around the country. Examples range from spending the night on board the world’s oldest active sailing ship (the Star of India) at the the Maritime Museum in San Diego to family and adults-only overnights at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo “Snore and Roar” to the Field Museum of Natural History’s “Dozin’ with the Dinos.”

Overnight programs are a great way to engage your constituents in a new way. But like any program, you want the administrative process to be as seamless as possible so you can focus on what really matters: delivering an excellent and unique experience for your visitors. To that end, you should consider using an event registration and management system with the following features:

  • Built-in capacity management and waitlists—procrastinators may be tempted to register when they see that spaces are filling fast!
  • Automatic member benefits like discounts or a buy-one/get-one benefit: besides rewarding your existing members, you can convert registrants to members if the offer is enticing enough! (If you don’t want to offer a monetary discount, you can give members priority registration and/or a special members-only “fast lane” check-in.)
  • Custom forms. Overnights can require more liability, waiver and policy agreement forms than other programs—you’ll need the flexibility to create all the forms you need, and to ensure that mandatory forms must be completed before a registration can be submitted.
  • Quick check-in. Don’t make your guests stand in a long entrance line, holding their sleeping bags and pillows, impatiently waiting to be checked in. Issue one scannable group ticket and move the lines quickly.
  • Mobile donations. One of the best times to ask for a donation is when the donor is deeply engaged in your mission. While you don’t want to make guests feel constantly pressured to donate on what should be a fun overnight, judicious donation requests and the ability to collect donations quickly on a mobile device can be very successful.
  • Mobile merchandise sales. You might not want your gift shop to stay open and staffed all night. But, with a mobile sales solution, you can sell a selection of merchandise (specially curated for the event) with an iPad and a secure credit card reader.

These are just a few of the issues to consider when you’re planning an overnight program. Please let us know what we missed!


What Do Customers See When They Log On?

What Do Customers See When They Log On?

As a Doubleknot administrator, you know what Doubleknot looks like when you log on—you see the Feature List and Administer panels with all the tools you need. But do you know what your constituents see when they log on?

When your customers, members, visitors and other constituents log on, they see a page with several tabs that provide access to all of their registrations, reservations, memberships and more in Doubleknot. Depending on how your organization uses Doubleknot, the following tabs may be displayed after a constituent logs on.

Summary: Immediately after logging in, the summary tab is displayed. This tab contains information about all upcoming events and reservations. If a payment is due for a registration or reservation, it’s listed in the Upcoming Payments section.

The Summary tab

Subscriptions: This tab lets constituents manage their subscriptions to your Doubleknot mailing lists. They can add or remove their account from any mailing list that they’re eligible for.

The Subscriptions tab

Registrations. This tab displays all of the customer’s past and current event and program registrations. Customers can view details, edit a registration (if the event is configured to allow updates) and make payments.

The Registrations tab

Reservations. This tab displays all of the customer’s past and current facility reservations. Customers can view details, edit a reservation (if the facility is configured to allow updates) and make payments.

The Reservations tab

Purchases. This tab displays all orders that this constituent has made in Doubleknot. Detailed information about individual orders can be displayed.

The Purchases tab

Memberships. If your organization uses the Membership Management module, this tab displays the constituent’s current and past memberships (if any) and allows them to view the details of any membership.

The Memberships tab

Profile. This tab lets the constituent update their profile information and contains a link to change their logon ID and/or password.

When a customer clicks the Profile tab, the Update Profile page is displayed

Group. If the constituent has registered one or more groups for group-signup programs or events, tools to manage the group are displayed in this tab. The constituent can add, update or remove people from the group and send email to all group members.

The Group tab

NEW: Discount Code Report

If your organization uses the Discounts module, the new Discount Code Report delivers information about customer use of each discount code. The Discount Code Report includes:

  • The total dollar amount of discounts for each discount code
  • The total dollar amount of all discount codes combined
  • For each discount code:
    • The registration, reservation, membership or other purchase to which the discount was applied
    • The purchaser who used the code
    • The registration or item number of the purchase
    • The total cost for the purchase after the discount
    • The total amount of the discount applied to the purchase

As with all standard Doubleknot reports, you can create and save your own customized version of the Discount Code Report. The Discount Code Report is located in the Financial Reports section of Financial Accounts.

Summary of New and Enhanced Features

We’ve added or improved many features in the past few weeks! Here’s a list of what’s available:

  • New options for gift memberships
  • Enhanced Site Brander interface
  • Enhanced Communications Center interface
  • Custom facility booking windows
  • Copy selected event settings to another event
  • Edit profile and registrant type during registration
  • Set the display order for registrant types

To view a list of available documentation in PDF format, click User Manuals in the Feature List. To view the searchable online help (which contains the same information as the PDF manuals), click Help at the top right of any page.

NEW: Setting Gift Membership Options

Doubleknot now provides an easy way to allow constituents to purchase a membership as a gift. You can choose the following gift options for a membership type:

  • Whether a purchaser is asked if the membership is a gift
  • Whether to collect information about the person giving a gift
  • Whether to collect information about the recipient of a gift
  • Whether a purchaser can send an emial notification about a gift to the recipient

Purchasers are asked if the membership is a gift

Entering information for a gift membership

To learn more about gift membership options, see the Setting Membership Gift Options user brief (on the User Manuals page) or review the online help (click Help at the top of any page).