NEW: Editing Profile and Registrant Type During Registration (Administrators Only)

Two administrative features have returned that make it easier for administrators to enter and edit registrations on behalf of constituents. When entering or editing a registration, administrators will be able to:

  • Change the registrant type of an existing registrant from an easy-to-access menu
  • Edit any registrant’s profile during registration and return to the registration in progress

Changing a registrant type

 Click Modify Profile to display and edit the member’s profile (click the image for a larger view)

COMING SOON: Copy Individual Event Settings to Another Event

When you manage multiple events, it can be tedious to configure common information in each event. To make it easier to set up events and to ensure consistent information, you’ll be able to copy selected attributes from an existing event into any other event.

Attributes that can be copied between events include:

  • Contact E-mail
  • Location
  • Receipt Contact Info
  • Receipt Confirmation Message
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Receipt Notification
  • Log On Prompt
  • Collect Group Information
  • Payment Type
  • Deposit Payments Into
  • Notifications
  • Payment Schedules

Copying existing settings and information into another event 

Great article from National Council of Nonprofits on multi-state fundraising

In case you missed it, the National Council of Nonprofits posted a great article in May with tips on fundraising in multiple states. Because electronic appeals can easily cross state lines, your organization may be obliged to submit charitable solicitation registration for multiple states. This article explains the issues and discussed ways that multi-state filing may be easier in the future.

Here’s the full link to the article:

NEW: Setting the Display Order for Registrant Types

Event Management now includes support for changing the order in which registrant types are displayed during the registration process. By default, the registrant types are displayed in the order in which you added them. The Registrant Type Order feature on the event’s management page will display all of the registrant types in use and let you move them up or down the list into the desired order.

The Registrant Type Order feature will provide control of the display of registrant types. In this illustration, clicking the Up arrow will move Grandparent(s) to the top of the list. 

After moving the Grandparent(s) registrant type to the top of the list, it becomes the first registrant type displayed during registration.

Upcoming Enhancements to Communications Center

Upcoming enhancements to Communications Center will make it easier to search for and review your outbound messages. All sent messages, draft messages, and scheduled messages will be displayed in a tabbed format similar to the Newsroom interface. You’ll be able to search messages for a word or phrase, and sort messages by subject, date sent, or the number of recipients.

The new Communications Center interface makes it easier to manage your messages.

NEW: Custom Booking Windows for Different Organizational Groups

Doubleknot now makes it possible for organizations that rent facilities to set different booking windows for different organizational groups. (Organizational groups are created in the Groups tab of Member Management.) The booking window is the range of dates in which a visitor can make a reservation for a facility. For example, you could allow council members to reserve a facility at any time but require others to book at least 21 days in advance. You can set the following options:

  • How far reservations must be made in advance of the reservation start date. Configured on the Create and Modify a Facility page, the Required Advance Booking Period sets the earliest date for which a reservation can be made. For example, if you set the Required Advance Booking Period to 21 days, visitors can only make reservations that begin at least 21 days from the current date.
  • How many months of availability are displayed on the calendar. Configured on the Event Configuration page in Utilities, the Don’t Allow Facility Bookings Beyond This Number Of Months option controls the last available date displayed on the calendar. For example, if you set this option to three months, any reservation must have an end date no later than three months from the current date. The settings you choose here apply to all facilities in the current organization.

Setting a facility’s Required Advance Booking Period. In this example. there are no advance booking requirements for council staff; troops must make reservations at least 14 days in advance; and all others must make reservations at least 30 days in advance. 

For all facilities in the current organization, council staff can book reservations with any end date; troops can book no more than six months from the current date; and all others can book no more than three months out.

WEBINAR: Doubleknot Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

Have you ever wondered if you’re fully taking advantage of all Doubleknot’s powerful features?Join us on Thursday, June 11 at 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern for a webinar that will cover tips, tricks and shortcuts for several Doubleknot modules. Whether you’re new to Doubleknot or an experienced administrator, you’re sure to learn something new.

Doubleknot Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts Webinar
Thursday, June 11, 2015
11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern